Our Story

We are a family team who farm over 200 acres of land together, as well as pressing and bottling our own rapeseed oil. We have always passionately believed that real food in its best available form should be readily available to everyone (we grew organic potatoes and carrots before it was even trendy!) and that no one should have to buy processed sub-standard food because of cost.

Based on this philosophy we sell only the best quality oil which is produced by cold-pressing the oil seed once only. We don’t believe that quality always has to come at a cost so we refuse to spend money on expensive marketing campaigns or excess packaging so that you don’t have to pay extra.

We are farmers in Aldborough, North Yorkshire who grow press and bottle Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil on our farm. We believe passionately in the health benefits of rapeseed oil with its light nutty flavour (with no nut substances). It is a light cooking oil and a great source of vitamin E and is high mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats omega 3, 6 and 9. As well as being great for dips,dressing, drizzling, and stir fries it is great for reducing fats as a butter alternative in baking.